Thursday, 5 October 2017

High Growth-High Profit Opportunity Solar Installer with Unique Business Model. West Coast USA.

Business Description:

West Coast based, the Company is driving rapid growth through a unique business model. Customer acquisition is driven by sophisticated, data-driven marketing approach that strategically targets homeowners in neighborhoods that meet the Company’s proven customer profile and demographics. Direct selling is the dominant sales model. Consumers realize continuous and significant utility cost savings over multiple years, while incurring no up-front costs for installation. The Company generates revenue from monthly consumer fees and tax credits, and retains these revenue streams and/or sells them to investors. It views itself as an alternative utility company rather than a solar provider.

Operational Strengths:

Driven by its rapid growth, the Company developed unique and proprietary enterprise-wide systems and protocols for selling and marketing, sophisticated order-processing and engineering systems, efficient and economical installation procedures, and innovative financial arrangements that set a standard of excellence and performance unmatched in the industry. The Company’s management team is growth-focused, self-sustaining, and committed to improving and expanding its management systems to propel future growth of revenue and geographic expansion.  As management systems are centrally controlled, the Company can expand to multiple branches with low capital investment.  In addition to opening new branches, the Company has the opportunity to expand by extending its residential model to commercial enterprises. The Company’s proven sales model effectively selects the highest producers among its sales team, and moves them into management positions to support continuous growth.


The owner is seeking a growth partner to provide capital and management expertise to scale the business within and beyond its current geographic footprint, and is open to selling 100% of the Company or a controlling stake. Seller is available for post-closing consulting or board membership. Key management staff members are committed to staying on to drive growth.

Financial Summary [fiscal year ends August 31]

2017 (projected through December)
2017 (estimated through Sept.)
$28-30 million
$19 million
$11.5 million
$6.9 million
$9-10 million
$5.9 million
$0.93 million
$0.44 million

Other Highlights
Management Team in Place
Years in Business
SIC Classification
West Coast
1711, 4911

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Gottesman Company
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